Kate Winslet’s Top 5 Movies

Kate Winslet is an outstanding actress. It’s truly incredible how she dives into her roles and completely looses herself as she incarnates her characters. She is certainly in my top 5 favorite actresses. She’s one of a kind, a natural beauty: Prideful, but humble and incredibly admirable.

After considerable “consideration,” I’ve concocted what I believe are her top 5 movies to date:

  • #1. Heavenly Creatures
  • #2. Quills
  • #3. The Reader
  • #4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • #5. Revolutionary Road

This was pretty hard to narrow down because I pretty much just love all her movies. Kate Winslet is just so incredible in so many ways.

What are your favorite Kate Winslet Movies? Share your Top 5 with us here at Kate Winslet Tv!