Mel Gibson Acting Deranged At LAX Airport

Mel Gibson arrived at LAX airport over the weekend looking deranged and angry. This dude use to be such a great actor and director, but his actions these last few years hasn’t done him any good. His threatening and hostile voice messages to his ex girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. Due to this Grigorieva obtained a restraining order against Gibson and Gibson obtained a restraining order against Grigorieva. It was later said that the recordings of Gibson had been edited from one nights’ worth of a headed argument. Gibson has maintained that he has never treated anyone else in his life with such angry and disrespect. Maybe Gibson wasn’t deranged at the LAX airport, but just cranky and tired. Either way, we hope he gets his act together.

(Image via Flynet)

Disney Star Fashions Top

Recently Disney star Miley Cyrus came to the conclusion that she was going to cut her hairstyle. Hardcore followers worldwide met the decision with frustration. The breaking news spread through the Twitter world as Miley Cyrus displayed the photos of her freshly chopped hairstyle. Celeb big timer hair stylist Chris McMillan worked the deed of cutting her hair to medium length. While he kept Ms. Cyrus’ wholesome perception. Fans everywhere wondered her arrangements for her wedding with Mr. Hemsworth considering her new hair cut. Yet both Billy Cyrus and her future husband surely loved her short haircut. The picture is via @MileyCyrus.

Ms. Miley Cyrus Says Bye Bye To Her Locks

Soon to be married Miley Cyrus decides to disturb the Twitter world when she uploaded a new photo of herself with her hair extremely short. Ms. Miley Cyrus had famous hairstylist Chris McMillan cut all of her medium length hair completely off and she relish every bit of attention she is having. Ms. Miley Cyrus struggles to step away from the girl from next door that a lot of fans look at her as. Tons of fans are definitely hoping that she has plans on wearing a wig for her upcoming wedding though, because that shaved head look is a little off. Ms. Miley Cyrus’ soon to be husband has to be definitely in love with her as that hair cut is out of hand. The photo is courtesy of Twitter.

Mr. Johnny Depp Breaks Up With Vanessa Paradis

January of 2012 it was stated that the Hollywood couple had broken up due to troubles in the companionship. Depp stated that the orange juiceors were false and have stated in a lot of news reporters that the two are very content with each other.

Today the world is sadden that Johnny Depp’s representative stated that the two have have parted ways and told press “Please respect their privacy and, more importantly, the privacy of their children.” Johnny Depp and his long time girlfriend have been in a relationship for over a decade and have two kids, Lily Rose, 13 and son Jack, 10 years old. Currently, there is no info on what the bottom line is on the failure of the relationship has been told.


Headline: Katy Perry In The Works To Start Music Label

Ms. Katy Perry has become bigger than life as a singer. Since 2007, she has been delivering top rating songs over and over again. The stunning female also has a flick “Katy Perry: Part of Me,” in 3D, that will be released on the 5th of July. Katy Perry is a business woman at heart that cannot be stopped as she now takes the label of being a key player in the industry. Ms. Katy Perry told news reporters that she plans to build her record label, but there is no title as of yet. She tells, “I’m preparing for it now. And when this record label does come to fruition, I’m going to try and avoid the things that take away any fighting chance for an artist to have financial success.” She is following in the footsteps of a couple of other well-known singers such as Madonna and Prince.

Paying Tribute to MJ Passing

June 25th is the three years anniversary of MJ’s last day of his life. That was an absolutely depressing day when Michael Jackson was gone at 50 years old due to a cardiac arrest at his house. Dr. Murray was his at private doctor which was allowing him to mix too many different dangerous meds. When the pathological examination report explained that the untimely passing was a murder case, Dr. Murray was accused involuntary murder and is at this moment doing a 4 year sentence in jail.

The King Of Pop truly had one of the best singing careers probably forever and he inspired lots of day dreaming artists. Lots of trustworthy fans and quite a few of singers took to their Twitter accounts to pay respect to the deceased artist. Michael Jackson’s songs will press on forever for decades in the future maintain till the end of time.


TV Series “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Member Ms. K Michelle

On June 18th, 2012 this spectacular lady debuted on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Hip-Hop fans have become crazy trying to get more facts on this chick.  So far what we all have knowledge on is that Ms. Kimberly Michelle has a well built body shape and a gifted songstress. Kimberly Michelle is also the kind hearted mommy of a small boy whose daddy is said to be Memphitz, who has been said to have beat and stole around $2 million from her recording contract to pay himself. K Michelle was given a contract to Jive Records about 4 years ago, but the record label did not promote her and she is finally out of that horrible recording deal. Ms. K Michelle plans to continue moving along with her songstress career with no record label right now, but is thankful for R.Kelly who guide her to be a gifted songstress ever since they met in 2008.