Kate Winslet Weds In New York Kate Winslet – Wedding Number Three

Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet

The romantic comedy The Holiday and the animated film Flushed Away (both 2006) are among the biggest commercial successes of her career. She won the role over 175 other girls. She’s offset perfectly by Lynskey, whose quietly smoldering Pauline completes the delicate, dangerous partnership.” Speaking about her experience on a film set as an absolute beginner, Winslet noted: “With Heavenly Creatures, all I knew I had to do was completely become that person. in 1996, Winslet starred in both Jude and Hamlet. The film garnered largely positive reviews and earned Winslet her second Empire Award. Even if you don’t pick me, pick him.” Winslet sent Cameron a single rose with a card signed “From Your Rose” and lobbied him by phone. “I am Rose. I don’t know why you’re even seeing anyone else!” Her persistence, as well as her talent, eventually convinced him to cast her in the role.

Kate Winslet Weds in New York Kate Winslet – wedding number three [link]

Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Show Some PDA In Miami

Reality stars/couple- Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick show some real cute and sweet PDA in Miami. Scott Disick along with the Kardashian sistershas relocated to Miami as Kourtney & Kim Karadsian film for their upcoming season of their reality show- “Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.: The sisters and boyfriends/hubbies seem to be adapting to Miami life pretty well. Besides, what better place to be than Miami when you’re rich and spoiled?

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Larry David On Set For His New Film “Clear History”

Larry David is on set for his new HBO film “Clear History” which is about a man who pretty much loses everything and then decides to take a vacation where he is reunited with his former boss. He then plans a revenge plot, but of course there will be a lot of twists in the story. The film also stars Phillip Baker Hall, Jon Hamm, Kate Hudson and Eva Mendez. Looking for more celebrity information read about NCIS: Los Angeles Daniela Ruah Shows Off Body For Series.

Sexy Bikini Posts Of Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth is definitely one sexy lady and she has also been since she starred in “90210″ television show back in the 1990s. Garth shows off her lovely lady bumps through a mesh black see through dress where you can clearly see her sporting a yellow bikini. Another celebrity who was caught sporting a black mesh bikini was when Sexy Vanessa Hudgens On Top Of Boyfriend Austin Butler. Now that was a site to see.

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Marcia Gay Harden Looking Pretty In Purple

Marcia Gay Harden sure know how to rock “purple!” The “If I Were You” actress looked just stunningly pretty in her dazzling purple dress as she made her way around Las Airport in Los Angeles. Marcia Gay Harden looked more like she was doing some kind of commercial than in the mist of travels. This beauty sure did look pretty in purple!

What do you guys think of Marcia Gay Harden’s dress? Drop your comments right here!